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---- Poems  Of  Faith ----

What  Is  Your  Price ?


Traveling  On


The  New  Day


Our  Journey

The  Christian's  Creed

A  Mission  Trip

My  Search  For  Peace

"Prayer"---The  Answer

Safe  At  Last


Three  Crosses

Life's  Balances

My  Desire

---- Poems  Of  Family ----

Graduation  Wishes

Family  Reunion

The  Family  Reunion

Our  Wedding  Day

A  Priceless  Gift

Christmas  Advice  For  Children

Our  Wedding  Prayer

---- Poems  Of  Philosophy ----

Time  Ran  Out


Today's  Opportunities

The  Wreck


The  Boat  To  Nowhere






The  Jogger


Christmas  Spirit

The  Kite

The Sunny  Side  Of  Life

My  Get-Away  House


Changing  Goals

Senior  Citizen

Pleasures  Of  Life

The   Poetry   Of   Millard  R.   Prestridge
Christian  Businessman  /  Poet
Crystal  Springs,  Mississippi

Author's   Note

These poems and devotional thoughts were written
over a period of many years and are published here to
complete what my friend Dr. Clyde Muse, President of
Hinds Community College, Raymond, Missisippi,
started when he edited and printed a book of poems
and devotional thoughts that I had written.

If you enjoy reading these as much as I did writing
them, you should thank Dr. Muse fo the start that he
gave me.

Millard  R.  Prestridge

Special  Note

I would like to dedicate this book to my wife Edith,
who has been my companion and helpmate for a
period of sixty years, and to Dr. Muse for inspiring
me to complete this collection.


Poems  Of  Faith

What  Is  Your  Price ?

"What will you take for your soul today ?"
    The voice of Satan did cry.
Thirty pieces of silver, my Lord !"
    This was Judas' reply.
The price was accepted and recorded for ever,
    A chain completed, with no chance to server.
A soul had been sold for a pittance so small,
    A record in history of a man's great fall.

Satan continues to cry today,
    "What is the price I'll have to pay ?"
What is your answer ?  Is your price so cheap
    That you are bound for hell in one great leap ?
Or will you remember a Savior true,
    One who gave his all for you ?
A choice we must make, for there is no other way,
    And Satan is waiting with the price that he'll pay.

There are things that count for much more in life,
    Than stones and rubies and daily strife.
We as Christians have a priceless soul,
    That cannot be bought with pleasures or gold,
It is willed to a Savior, we shall see one day,
    Bought with the blood that he had to pay
The greatest pf grifts, he has reserved, you see.
    A place by his side, for you and for me.

4 / 12 / 72

Poems  Of  Faith


It's late, very late
    And I need must run
The night has vanished
    With the blazing sun

Time marches on
    The minutes tick by
No time to complain
    Just a brief sign

Soon, so soon
    With no chanes ot wait
For now, you see
    It's getting late

The tide will continue
    Its rhythmic flow
The moon gives off
    Its golden glow

But we, mere humans
    Are destined much less
Our time is limited
    No time for rest

So soon the bell
    Will begin to toll
The wheels of the caisson
    Start to roll

We'll return to dust
    From whence we came
With our only remembrance
    Just a name

When God has a place
    In the lives we lead
And we give him control
    There's no other need

Then wen physical life
    Has had its fling
And the toll of bells
    No longer will ring

We'll take our place
    In heaven on high
And there remain
    Never to die

3 / 17 / 99

Poems  Of  Faith

Traveling  On

Many have walked this good old earth,
    with each a space to span.
A few to reach the utmost heights,
    And many "just also ran."

I have the choice of what I do,
    As I take each forward step.
I can go slow, if I chose to do so,
    Or I can be full of "pep."

While traveling down this road of life,
    With its valleys of pleasures, and hills of strife,
Does the thought occur, as you pause now and then,
    You will never pass this way again?

What I add by my presence here
    Should be my major concern,
To pick up the pieces others left behind,
    And profit by mistakes I discern.

Let's pause here, and make it plain,
    There'll be days of sunshine, and some of rain,
Some will be mournful, others of "hope,"
    As we journey, up that long, long slope.

I pray the Lord will direct each step,
    As I journey on my way,
That I might make smooth the traveled road,
    And inspire some soul each day.

When on this earth I cease to be,
    It is my prayer that others may see,
The "tracks" I leave at the setting sun,
    My journey complete, my last race run.

I trust they will show, my track as a seal,
    And not just carry the print of a "heel,"
And all that view the mark I have made,
Will learn of things that never fade.

8 / 4 / 73

Poems  Of  Faith


It was just before the sermon
    When I heard the preacher say;
"Now is the time to give your thithes,
    For we have bills to pay".

"Not grudgingly, nor hesitatingly
    But freely do your part,
For God loves a cheerful giver,
    When it comes right from the heart.

Well, I reached into my pocket
    And pulled out a bill,
Ready to drop it in the plate,
    And a need to fill.

The plate came by me,
    And much to my surprise
Only a dime lay thereon,
    I could hardly believe my eyes.

Could it be some lovely child,
    Had heard the earnest plea
And from his little pocket withdrawn
    This dime from me to see?

I dropped my dollar on the plate
    And passed it right on down,
If you were looking at my face,
    I'm sure you saw a frown.

My conscious got the best of me,
    It gave me quite a start
For I knew this token gift of mine
    Was not one from the heart.

When I think about that dime,
    And what it did for me,
I thank the one that placed it there,
    With its silent plea.

For now I understand
    What it means to give in love,
Given by one who gave His All,
    And now lives up above.

Remember, my friend, this is my plea,
    Truly do your part,
And pass the word He left with us,
    A kind and loving heart.

Poems  Of  Faith

The  New  Day

There will be a day when one shall be gone,
    And the one that is left will feel so alone,
Only God could reveal why he chose this way
    For one to go ---- and one to stay.

A great void fills the heart,
    And emptiness left for those apart.
There's no bridge to span the space,
    Only God's love and infinite grace.

We have his promise, if in faith we abide,
    That all shall gather on the other side.
Free from all worry, pain, and strife.
    Ready forever to live the new life.

So, always remember, whatever our fate,
    One must go ---- the other must wait,
There'll be a time, just a short while away,
    And together we'll have a "brand new day."

3 / 17 / 75

Poems  Of  Faith


Life is long ---- why, it's three score and ten,
    And maybe more, if lucky we've been,
But pause a moment and consider, my firend,
    Many never make it, not even to "ten."

Consider your age, the time you have spent,
    What you have left, and what you have meant,
Work for the future, if you've wasted the past,
    Today is assured, but it may be your last.

Friend, let me tell you, of a date you will fill,
    Around the next corner, or over the hill,
Time draws shorter, you know this well,
    Thee's only a moment between heaven and hell.

By faith and acceptance our future's assured,
    Sins, transgressions, from these we are cured,
If we let the master take over our being,
    Our eyes are opened, and we'll be seeing,

A brand new day on the other side,
    A promise fulfilled when our Savior died,
A life of pleasure had been promised, you see,
    for those in the shadow of great Galilee.

9 / 6 / 75

Poems  Of  Faith

Our  Journey

    I saw a meteor up in the sky,
In just a moment it flashed on by.
    Whence it came, and where it went,
Only God could tell why it was sent.

    Only a moment to shed its light,
And then continue its onward flight.
    We saw its brilliance for just a span,
The balance is left in the maker's hand.

    He has a plan for you and for me,
That's not revealed for us to see.
    By faith we accept the things that are done,
And ever depend upon his son.

    Our light too one day will be past,
And we'll enter a place that will always last.
    No heart aches or pain for us to bear,
A gathering of loved ones for us over there.

9 / 10 / 78

Poems  Of  Faith

The  Christian's  Creed

I must go to places unknown
    To plant some seed, that remain unsown,
Trusting the harvest great will be,
    All for my Lord, and not for me.

God gave the call and I must say
    Whatever the price, I'll gladly pay.
I have the faith, for I know I've found
    A way to reach that "higher ground."

There is a decision we each must make,
    "What we will give, for the Savior's sake."
My answer is clear; I'll give my all,
    Anything else would be too small.

So now I leave with this to say,
    Some must go and others must stay.
To all my firends, there's work to do,
    The harvest great, but workers few.

If in his love, we each abide,
    We all shall gather on the other side.
'Till then, my friend, let's all be true,
    and I can promise, "I'll be seeing you."

4 / 17 / 80

Poems  Of  Faith

A  Mission  Trip

"We need a church
    Built way up here."
Was the call we heard
    Coming in so clear.

We each heard the call
    From a different place.
We each answered "yes,"
    We would fill the space.

We would do God's bidding,
    And give to Him our best,
Then the building and our effort
    Certainly would be blessed.

Quite a bit of planning,
    And then be on our way,
For this was not a trip
    We could make within a day.

After days of travel,
    We finally reached our goal,
Knowing as we went
    "Labor" would be our role.

Prior planning made possible
    By those that gathered there.
Not only in the building
    But in scriptures we would share.

And soon a church was built,
    There upon the ground,
Hoping in the future
    Many lost would be found.

Then we left knowing
    Our labor was not in vain,
We had given so little
    And had so much to gain.

We did our very best,
    And certainly this is true,
There will be a "next trip,"
    Now what about you?

Poems  Of  Faith

My  Search  for  Peace

In search of easy living,
    I have gone most everywhere,
But find my quest unanswered,
    Just greeted with a stare.

I've traveled in the sunshine
    And many times in rain,
Over fertile valleys,
    And sometimes rough terrain.

I find no easy solution,
    No spot of perfect peace;
Nor will you ever, ever find
    A place where troubles cease,

So make the best with what you have,
    A God above is true.
If yoy abide within His will,
    He'll certainly see you through.

3 / 18 / 96

Poems  Of  Faith

"Prayer"----The  Answer

Upon arising in the morning,
    Should the sky look dark and gray;
You can find no better time,
    "Get on your knees and pray."

When things go, oh so wrong,
    All the live long day,
That's the time for you to
    "Get on your knees and pray."

When children seem so very bad,
    And won't go out and play,
You can solve that inward hurt;
    "Get on your knees and pray."

When every thing seems darkest,
    There is a sure-fire way,
To answer every problem;
    "Get on your knees and pray."

When day is done with setting sun,
    You have the final say,
For all those many blessings,
    "Get on your knees and pray."

2 / 27 / 97

Poems  Of  Faith

Safe  at  Last

I know not how he found me,
     With life in such a mess.
It must be extra love He gives,
     To those in dire distress.

I know not why He sought me,
     A person that was lost.
It was then I found my way,
     For He had paid the cost.

I know not where heaven is,
     But I’m heading for that place.
Not from works that I have done,
     Just from my Savior’s grace.

I know not when my time will come
    To cross that great divide.
There’s no reason to worry now,
     For Jesus is by my side.

7 / 29 / 97

Poems  Of  Faith


Walking down the road,
     I had time to spare,
Then I saw an old man
     Just sitting there.

I stopped for a moment,
    With a very good reason,
For this was the start
     Of the Christmas season.

I certainly could not
    Just pass him by.
It was then I noticed
    He had begun to cry.

“Old man” I asked:
    “Why shed a tear,
When this is the happiest
    Time of the year?”

With a pitiful stare,
    He looked my way,
Then these are the words
    He had to say:

“I’m all alone,
    No one cares;
Everyone for himself
    And no one shares”

“I’m getting old
    And somewhat lame,
Ready to return
    From whence I came.”

“My master said
    That he awaits,
And will welcome me home
    Through the pearly gates.”

“When he is ready,
    I’ll answer His call,
And fear of death,
    There’s none at all.”

“For He’ll fill His promise,
    This I am sure.
Safe in His arms,
    And forever secure.”

12 / 24 / 97

Poems  Of  Faith

Three  Crosses

As I traveled,
    To a friend’s abode,
I saw three crosses
    By the side of the road.

Freshly painted
    And tended with care,
I looked and wondered
    Why they were there.

Then I remembered the story
    How Christ had died,
And two thieves were hanging
    There by His side.

So let these remind us,
    When three crosses we see,
The sacrifice Christ made
    For you and for me.

St. Matthew 16:24

“Then said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.”

3 / 11 / 99

Poems  Of  Faith

Life's  Balances

I saw a fist raised to the sky
    Its fingers so tightly clinched,
A vicious voice spewing slander and filth
    From a face all haggard and pinched.

Could this be the one, his followers to lead,
    As he solves the problems of life?
Will this voice you heed, as for power he pleads,
    And an endless road of strife?

With “dope” and “pot,” will you have gone,
    Forgetting tomorrow must come?
A very short sight, and an endless fight
    Is the mark of a “no good bum.”

Check the cost, ere too far you have gone,
    The piper is rolling the dice,
The tune that he plays, with you life as the pawn,
    Is he worthy of asking the price?

Of restless youth, why waste your time
    On things that go for naught?
You sell your soul for a very thin dime
    When it never should be bought.

There is a way to have peace today,
    If this you truly desire,
Open your heart, let the Savior walk in,
    His love will set you on fire.

Your problems will vanish, as the dew on the rose,
    If only your trust you will give,
Where there has been strife, He gives meaning to live,
    For only one gives that knows.

If your life seems meaningless, with problems is fraught,
    He knows the shape you are in.
He has traveled a road much rougher than yours
    Bound by iniquity and sin.

So talk hold of His hand, let Him guide you along,
    As down life’s highway you roll,
You’ll get many thrills, there’ll be no spills,
    And you’ll reach your lofty goal.

5 / 6 / 72

Poems  Of  Faith

My  Desire

Lord stay close,
    And help me today,
With each of the words
    That I shall say.

For hurt can go deep
    If wrong words are said,
I prefer that my tongue
    By you, shall be led.

Instill in me thoughts
    That will always blend,
And never by word
    Others to offend.

The Lord, at the end of day,
    When all is quiet, let me pray,
And give you thanks
    For all you have done,

But most of all
    For sending your son.

12 / 23 / 00

Poems  Of  Family

Graduation  Wishes

“Graduation!” so close, why it’s almost here,
    Something you’ve wanted all of the year.
And now it’s time for us to say
    “Best wishes for you,” while on your way.

Always remember there are those that care,
    Ones that are willing to freely share.
Your “ups” and “downs” are our concern,
    And with a lesson that you will learn,

We all love you and wish to portray
    This is feeling to you, on this, your day.
There’s one thing more that should be said…
    May God hold you close in the days ahead,

And may the banister of life upon which you slide
    Have all of its splinters on the underside.

4 / 10 / 91

Poems  Of  Family

Family  Reunion

My memory gets “kind of” poorly,
    I’ll bet that you’re the same;
I certainly remember faces,
    But don’t recall their name.

Are you aunt, or uncle, or cousin?
    Just where do you fit in?
I know it’s been a long, long time,
    So tell me where you’ve been.

Our family ‘sort-of’ fell apart,
    When we began to roam;
Very few were left to fill,
    A place we once called home.

Now that we’re together,
    After years away;
I guess it’s time to plan,
    For some future day.

So get your thoughts together,
    As I know you certainly will;
And come forth with some ideas,
    And a time that we can fill.

There comes a time to just shut-up,
    And get down to the facts;
We’re here to gain some knowledge,
    And not just pat our backs.

We’ll have our fun today,
    And plan a future date;
So get your brain to working,
    Before it gets too late.

10 / 24 / 93

Poems  Of  Family

The  Family  Reunion

Thank you for coming,
    Thanks a “big bunch”;
You’ll enjoy the fellowship,
    Especially the lunch.

Greet those around you,
    Ask where they’ve been;
After all you’ll find,
    They really are your kin.

Don’t try to climb higher
    Up that family tree;
Just leave things as they are
    Or you may be kin to me.

Wouldn’t that be terrible,
    Makes you shudder just to think;
Leave it as you find it,
    You are not the missing link.

Let’s get on with the meeting,
    Let others have their say;
Enjoy yourself and have a good time
    On this family reunion day.

Poems  Of  Family

Our  Wedding  Day

We know not what the future holds,
    For this we cannot see,
But with the help of a loving God
    There’s a place for you and me.

If in His will we always abide
    And strive to do our best,
While working together as a team,
    Knowing He’ll provide the rest.

As we god forth while holding hands,
    Ever so close we’ll stay,
Knowing our love will always bring
    The best from our wedding day.

4 / 13 / 95

Poems  Of  Reflections

A  Priceless  Gift

This is a very special gift
    Perhaps you cannot see,
The reason it is so special,
    It’s just for you, from me.

Whenever you are happy,
    Or even feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift
    And know I think of you.

You never should unwrap it,
    Please leave the ribbon tied,
Just hold the box close to your heart,
    It’s filled with love inside.

12 / 2 / 98

Note:  You may want to attch a copy of this poem to an empty gift wrapped box as a special gift to someone.

Poems  Of  Reflections

Christmas  Advice  For  Children

If they have been good
    And nice little girls,
Christmas means dolls
    With lots of curls.

And for those that are
    Good little boys,
There are lots and lots
    Of mechanical toys.

But if you have been
    Oh, so bad,
And did not mind
    Your mother or dad,

And act just like
    You didn’t care,
Then you can expect
    Your tree to be bare.

So what you get
    Will depend upon you,
Just what you say
    And what you do.

Now keep this in mind
    And always remember,
The time to be good
    Is before next December.

1 / 12 / 99

Poems  Of  Reflections

Our  Wedding  Prayer

There is a prayer
    We want to pray;
“Lord, be with us
    This wedding day.”

Keep us close
    In the days ahead,
And by your hand
    May we always be led.

Guide us in all
    The decisions we make,
And help us along
    Each road that we take,

Just teach us Lord
    To really care,
And beauty around
    To always share.

To each other
    Be always true,
Until the day
    That we see you.

5 / 26 / 99

Poems  Of  Philosophy

Time  Ran  Out

I saw the old man, as he walked down the street,
    His clothes all ragged, worn shoes on his feet,
Hair all matted; he needed a shave,
    All the appearance of a recluse from the grave.

As I stopped and watched his faltering stride,
    I wondered what happened to this man’s pride.
Could it be, that he had sunk so low,
    That he had no other place to go?

Was there no way to reach him----penetrate that shell?
    For I knew he was walking that wide street to hell,
God could I help this stranger to me?
    Could I bread the bond that would set him free?

After thinking it over, I approached with a smile,
    Knowing by his glance, that I was on trial.
I grasped his arm, and with a quiet plea----
    “Friend,” I asked, “Will you come with me?”

He looked in my eyes, and then he said:
    “All of my friends are now all dead.”
“Why come to me now, with life almost gone?”
    “It’s life offering a hungry dog a bone!”

“I have never seen you before, and this I know----
    Why call me “friend,” with eyes that show
A deep concern----while others pass me by?”
    ----And then with a snub, he began to cry.

He turned with a shrug, walked on down the street,
    I knew it was over, our paths never again to meet.
Far in the distance----with his shuffling gait,
    He was heard to mumble----“too late”----“too late.”

Poems  Of  Philosophy


You can not join the union
    Unless you pay you dues.
You can not judge your fellow man
    Without walking in his shoes.

If you would win a soul for Christ,
    Walk with Him a mile.
Share His griefs and heartaches
    For just a little while.

Listen to His stories
    About his “ups” and “downs.”
Find a way to claim a heart
    That pounds and pounds and pounds.

Strive to help the friendless,
    Have a word to say,
Let Him know that you care
    Each and every day.

Pray a prayer in earnest
    As daily you will meet,
A searching soul that wanders
    Up and down the street.

Pray that God will guide you
    To that person that is lost,
And you can help to save him
    Regardless of the cost.

You can never plan tomorrow
    If we hold to yesterday,
For these are only memories
    Whatever we do or say.

Everything we want to do
    Must be done today,
For this is all the time we have
    If we would make it pay.

Poems  Of  Philosophy

Today's  Opportunities

A look in the mirror
    As a smiling face
Is the start of a day
    With a healthy pace.
A warm greeting
    To those that we meet
At home---on the phone---
    Or perhaps on the street.

So, just for today
    Let’s have some fun
Forgetting yesterday’s problems
    That were left undone
No thoughts of tomorrow
    And the troubles there;
Only glad tidings
    That today we can share.

You’ll be surprised
    At the change you can make
In the lives of those around you,
    And how little it will take,
A smile, a laugh,
    Or sometimes only a word;
It really takes so little,
    It almost seems absurd.

So start today with gladness
    If you want to reap the best;
Let all your trials and troubles
    Have a final day of rest.
Seek to influence others
    As you plod upon your way,
For this will make for others
    The best of a perfect day.

St. Matthew 6:34----Take therefore no thought for the morrow: For the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil therof.

Ecclesiastes 3:13----Every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour; it is the gift of God.

Psalms 118:24----This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

9 / 9 / 91

Poems  Of  Philosophy

The  Wreck

I had a friend that died last night;
    Yes, I saw that terrible sight;
Highway strewn with much debris
    About as far as the eyes could see.

An eighteen-wheeler, a pick-up truck,
    And a small compact that just couldn’t duck,
All tangled up in a mass of steel;
    Someone’s fault while at the wheel.

“One more beer!” the driver had said,
    Was now on the pavement cold and dead,
The straw that broke the camel’s back
    Was that last cold beer and a little “crack.”

So, friend, take warning, don’t go out on a limb;
    He didn’t think it would happen to him.
The odds are too great that it will happen to you
    If you drink and drive as many will do.

Once it happens, it’s just too late
    For it could mean a meeting at the pearly gate.
Your’re not stupid so please just “think,”
    And when you drive, don’t take that drink.

7 /9 / 91

Poems  Of  Philosophy


Lord, this row is too long
    For me to plow,
But with your help
    I’ll do it somehow.

Where I’m plowing
    There ain’t no trees.
It’s awful hot
    And there ain’t no breeze.

My mule is old
    And mighty slow.
This field is so big,
    And I better go.

Up at dawn
    And work til dark.
If you stay any later,
    You’ll miss your mark.

You’ll plow up what’s planted
    The day before,
And then can’t pay
    Your bill at the store.

I’m going on in
    To rest a big.
Just a short nap,
    And then I’ll “git.”

Harness old Beck,
    Hitch to the plow,
Start all over,
    I’ll do it somehow.

I’ll gather my crop
    And pay my bill.
I’ll sit at my table
    And eat my fill.

To church on Sunday
    And pay what’s due,
For I am one
    Of God’s chosen few.

I pay my way
    By the sweat of my brow
And don’t just lean
    On a rusty old plow.

I don’t want charity
    I’ll work for my pay
For I’m looking ahead
    To a better day.

6 / 1 / 93

Poems  Of  Philosophy

The  Boat  To  Nowhere

I had a few minutes of time to spare,
    So I turned on the set, sat down in a chair,
That’s when I saw the ad on T.V.,
    Now here was a place that I must go see.

I made up my mind to take that trip,
    But boy my wife gave me some lip.
“Why take the money we need elsewhere
    When we don’t have any that we can spare?”

Well, I’m man of the house and this I’d show,
    And on to that boat I certainly would go.
I would take a little and make a “killing,”
    The local papers would do a “billing.”

I’d have my name in lights to show
    How easy it was to make that “dough.”
So I went on down and got on that boat,
    But the sight inside nearly got my goat.

There by the wall were “slots” all set
    And lots of tables to take your bet.
Cast of dice, just take your pick,
    You could double your money oh so quick.

Well, I up and invested my money galore,
    Believing my winnings would make me more.
But all too soon I lost what I had,
    Borrowed more from a friend and that was bad.

This went the same as the other had done,
    I was left with the huge amount of “none.”
This teaches a lesson we learn each day:
    If you listen to music, the piper you’ll pay.

Don’t lose what you have and probably more,
    Keep off the boat; stay back on the shore.
If you have questions what gambling will do,
    Here is a number……especially for you.

1 / 16 / 94

Poems  Of  Philosophy


Hope springs enternal"
    Has been written, so they say
For those that think "tomorrow"
    Instead of yesterday

But when we think about
    The days that we will spend
We need to count the total cost
    And not the current trend

For you cannot borrow "tomorrow"
    To pay for "yesterday"
No matter what you have in mind
    Or what the world may say

So use the golden rule
    To measure those you meet
Give a hearty "hello, my friend"
    To all the ones you greet


You only have this one day
    It could possibly be your last
Plot your course with care my friend
    Before the die is cast.

10 / 10 / 94

Poems  Of  Philosophy


When your "wants" are many,
And no money to buy,
    Friends seem so few,
Prices so high.

    And you're down at the mouth,
And wanting to cry,
    Perk up a bit-----smile-----
Just give it a try.

Start counting your blessings,
    Then gvie a big smile,
Things will be better
    in just a short while.

for a smile is meant
    To be passed along
You'll find it catching,
    Just like a song.

It's a melody for people
    To hear and enjoy,
A good will agent
    With you the "envoy"

5 / 6 / 95

Poems  Of  Philosophy


There comes a time in life
    When you don't know what to say,
Your tongue gets tied up tight,
    and your mind just flew away.

Your knees ge kinda wobbly,
    Your hands just flop around,
Your open your mouth , oh so wide,
    But never emit a sound.

You clear your throat real loud,
    Perhaps a shrug or two.
Your mind a complete loss,
    As exactly what to do.

Advice can be given freely
    By those that gather around,
"Take a bow, a real deep bow,"
    And then... "Sit down!"

8 / 1 / 95

Poems  Of  Philosophy


Give a bit of honey
    As yo travel life's highway
You'll find life much sweeter
    All along the way

Share a little here
    And give some over there
You have so very, very much to give
    Then why not try to share

Your life can make a difference
    To some lonely person there
When he finds out there is someone
    That can really, really care

Now's the time to spread your wings
    And fly to heights unknown
"Give a bit of honey"
    And never be a drone.

5 / 14 / 96

Poems  Of  Philosophy


I walked in the woods
    On a stroll one day;
If trees could talk,
    What would they say?

For there, on the side,
    Of a huge Beech tree
Were initials and a heart
    Carved by me.

Telling a story
    Of life back then,
Trying the favor
    Of someone to win.

But time marches on
    In its endless flight,
And tickles the memory
    Ever so slight.

The heartbreak that was felt,
    Away back then,
Is now a memory of
    What might have been.

God has a way
    Of working things out,
And now we know
    What it's all about.

6 / 3 / 96

Poems  Of  Philosophy

The  Jogger

I started out
    To "jog" one day,
"To perserve my health,"
    or so they say.

The day was hot
    As hot can be,
But not too hot
    For big old me.

I started out slow
    But could hardly wait,
To get my feet
    In a very fast gait.

Soon I was passing
    All of the rest,
Thinking; "My goodness,
    I am the best."

Strange things happen
    When you lead the pack,
And then find out
    You're dropping way back.

Age has a way
    Of taking its toll,
And slowing us down
    Before reaching our goal.

So just go easy
    As you jog on your way,
Don't try to set records
    Just"Have a good day."

7 / 10 / 96

Poems  Of  Philosophy


Think of life
    While you travel along,
As a beautiful poem
    Or perhaps a song.

Living each part
    One verse at a time,
Hearing he message
    Ceated in rhyme.

Or singing a stanza
    From a beautiful song,
All perfect harmoney,
    Nothing is wrong.

But then things happen,
    A pain in the neck,
A trip to the doctor,
    You feel like a wreck.

Just be thankful
    For the blessings you get,
Quit fuming and fussing,
    Try not to fret.

There's still the earth
    For us to plod,
The sky up above,
    A forgiving God.

Start counting your blessings,
    Forgetting the pain,
You'll never be a loser
    When you count life's gain.

11 / 7 / 96

Poems  Of  Philosophy

Christmas  Spirit

When you feel oh so lonely,
    And perhaps a little "blue;"
It certainly will surprise you,
    What a little love can do.

Cast good deeds about you,
    As you travel on your way;
"Have a good day," to a stranger,
    Will brighten up his day.

Christmas can be a joyful time,
    As it was meant to be;
If perhaps a little less we find,
    Upon our Christmas tree.

The greatest gift that we can give,
    While here upon this earth;
Are the gifts we give to Him
    In memory of His birth.


Think now as you travel on,
    And take this final clue;
All the love you give away,
    Always comes back to you.

12 / 5 / 96

Poems  Of  Philosophy

The  Kite

I saw a kite, up in the sky
    Flying, flying ever so high,
It bobbed and weaved, without a care
    And only a string to hold it up there.

The boy that held the string so tight,
    Could feel the pull of the dancing kite,
Watching, and with care, his job to be
    Guiding its flight out of the tree.

With a quick pulll, and a run here and there,
    He managed to keep it up in the air;
With control that was faultless, and skill just right
    The kite continued in its upward flight.

Tragically it happened, a "break" in the string,
    Oh it seemed such a trivial thing,
Soon it was over, and with a great thud,
    The high-flying kite was now in the mud.

This teaches a lesson let's learn today,
    From "high" to "low" is a thread away,
And the route we take in this daily strife,
    Is made by the "breaks" in this, our life.

3 / 31 / 97

Poems  Of  Philosophy

The  Sunny  Side  Of  Life

Is your life so dark and dreary
    As you plod upon your way
And everything seems so hopeless
    That you dread another day?

Then take a look around you
    There's lots and lots to see
Don't believe that old saying
    "What is to be, will be"

Tomorrow is a brand new day
    That's never been used before
Your chance to do much better
    And even up the score

Now the sun is shinng brightly
    Get ready for that ride
Keep searching all around you
    "Life" does have a sunny side.

7 / 30 / 97

Poems  Of  Philosophy

My  "Get-Away"  Home

I call this "home,"
    It's my get-away place;
A nice spot to be,
    Not in the mad race.

Just relax completely,
    Let the world roll by;
Then take a quick look,
    Up high in the sky.

A single white cloud,
    Floating there in the blue;
Not bothered with thinking,
    What others might do.

Just floating so gracefully,
    And making its way;
To that great "out-yonder,"
    To complete it day.

Now that's what I'll do,
    I'm sure I will;
I'll just float on by,
    No appointments to fill.

When day is over,
    I can say I tried,
For in my struggle,
    There was nothing to hide.

I just wanted some peace,
    No more to roam;
And that is the reason,
    I call this place "home."

11 / 26 / 98

Poems  Of  Philosophy


Many, many things
    Will all go away,
With only the passing
    Of another day.

The hurt you felt
    From a careless word,
In just one day
    Can seem absurd.

And all the pain
    That you had,
Which made you feel
    Oh, so bad;

It's all over now
    And gone away,
In just the course
    Of one short day.


Make today different
    And sing a song,
Call a friend,
    Make right a wrong.

Life is so short
    In its overall plan;
Make it worthwhile
    As you know you can

5 / 5 / 99

Poems  Of  Philosophy

Changing  Goals

I recall dreams of long ago
    And castles built so high,
When you looked you could see,
    They seemed to touch the sky.

But things change, oh so often,
    As they are prone to do,
And wishes you had way back then
    Just never did come true.

Ideas that once were great,
    Now are different as you see,
Breaking that old axiom of
    "What is to be , will be."

So get on with your life,
    And live it day by day.
Enjoy each pleasure that you get
    For there is no better way.

10 / 7 / 99

Poems  Of  Philosophy

Senior  Citizen

They call me a "senior citizen,"
    Sometimes I wonder why.
Keep up with the crowd?
    I don't even try.

I do not fret and worry
    When I'm running late;
No time clock has been installed
    Inside the "pearly gate."

Now we as senior citizens
    Make a sight to behold;
Some of us look young,
    Others are getting old.

Some are kind of wrinkled;
    Their stride is pretty slow,
It seems that they've just lost
    Their once "get up and go."

Others seem to retain their youth
    With only a sprinkle of grey,
And do not seem to worry about
    Celebrating "Senior Citizens Day."

Just remember all your planning,
    There's a price that all must pay.
And be sure that you are ready
    For that final "judgement day."

5 / 22 / 00

Poems  Of  Philosophy

Pleasures  Of  Life

Coffee tastes oh so good,
    When you drink it with a friend.
There's also much to discuss
    And torn fences you can mend.

You can talk about the weather
    And things you want to do,
About the things you can't control,
    And things you know not true.

The conversation can be varied,
    Let you conscience be your guide.
You can even discuss your differences
    And sometimes when you lied.

To a friend this makes no difference,
    He'll like you just the same,
For he knows that you're not seeking
    To be in the "Hall of Fame."

But while rushing through this life,
    Pause for just a spell.
Tell this friend of yours,
    How pleasing a rose will smell.

Tell him of the beauty
    God created in every bird,
And the many, many joys we feel,
    While feasting on His word.

If he is not a Christian,
    Tell him to slow his pace,
About the God he will encounter
    When he meets him face to face.

Just be prepared to meet Him
    Whenever the time, for 'tis true,
We'll never know exactly when
    He will beckon you.

So keep on drinking coffee,
    And sitting for a spell.
There's no better way to say
    "I'm" doing very well.

1 / 26 / 01